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What is the difference between a
website and a web application?

Although in some cases the border is blurred, the main difference between a website and a web application is the interaction. A website has a predominantly informative purpose and consequently has a limited level of interaction. A web app, on the other hand, must allow users to perform a multitude of actions through a simple and impactful graphic interface.
The more frequent web app development is required for the creation of online management systems , in order to improve the management processes of activities, companies, agencies and freelancers.

What do you need to develop a web application?
Designing a web application or a management software customized requires a set of much broader skills than those required to design a website.

Once you have defined the target users you are addressing, you need to identify all the actions that can be carried out, by whom and through which devices.
Subsequently, a UX expert must carry out, through human testers, the study of the optimal path that the typical user will take within the application. To make the interface as simple, understandable and intuitive as possible. The study will proceed in order to make all the elements in the web application (such as buttons and effects) as understandable and user friendly as possible.

Choose Uxnovo for your online management system

Why choose us for the development of your management online software.

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We develop
customized ERP / management platforms, complex eCommerce platforms, dedicated video management / DAM / MAM platforms, server-side platforms for interactions with apps, collaboration platforms, document sharing, restricted areas, CRMs tailored to specific businesses, platforms for lead acquisition and end-user engagement, platforms integrated with third-party services, web services that expose interfaces (API),
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Cutting-edge technologies
  • We design and develop web applications with an attractive design and the utmost attention to an intuitive and immediate user experience, putting our technical skills at your service to ensure you a final product with very high performance that fully reflects your idea.
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  • We are experts in creation of online management systems for every need and sector, membership cards and personalized fidelity cards. You can access, work and download data from your management system at any time and in any place, from any location and device, with a few clicks and without the need for installations.

Management development: how we work

How we develop our management software and web app

You choose
Choose the solution that best suits your needs among the packages or ask for a free consultation
We will contact you
Within 48 hours of your request we contact you to discuss the project
We stay in touch for the entire development phase, for better define details
Delivery and support
We deliver you the finished product, born from the union of yours ideas with our experience, and we assist you

Take a look at the most requested services

Most requested
custom professional management software

Business management
Why do I need a custom management software?
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The management software is a very useful tool to simplify and speed up the collection and structuring of data related to your business, agency or company.
Whatever your sector, we study your production process to develop the perfect customized management software for your business.
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Reservations web app
Does my business need a web app for reservations?
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Internet is now the main sales channel for many sectors.
For operators who work by appointment, a web booking app is not only an online agenda, but also a very powerful marketing tool, which will allow for customer loyalty, and a virtual secretariat.
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Updatable website
Why choose a website that you can update yourself?
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You need to update your website or a it's internal blog often? Do you want to do it yourself without management costs? With this solution we integrate our websites with the updating functions of the main CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal).
The dynamic websites thus created are easily updated and you can insert new ones with a few clicks offers, news and posts in a simple, autonomous and free way.
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Virtual Shop
Do you want to expand your business or want to start one from scratch?
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Expand the boundaries of your market: sell online worldwide and turn your brand into a digital brand.
The e-commerce website is the ideal solution that can lead you to increase your sales by more than 500% or allow you to start a new business with very low investments!
Uxnovo develops reliable and safe e-commerce portals thanks to SSL security certificates and the use of PayPal for the management of payments.
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