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Why social media are so important?

To let them know you and to communicate reliability
More than a third of the world's population uses social networks on a daily basis. Companies, freelancers and all those who work with their image today need to be present on the web.
Social media, in addition to being a showcase, represent an important channel of communication and interaction with consumers and businesses. Is from here that users, potential customers, start to form an opinion of the brand and the product. Today's consumers are increasingly attentive and before relying on a company or a professional it is almost certain that they are looking for information on the web.
For this reason, more and more people, freelancers, companies, businesses and agencies entrust the management of company social profiles to professionals.

Together with Google, your social pages determine the first impression that anyone looking for information about you will have. A company that manages its social networks in the best possible way and that responds promptly to requests and questions is much more reliable than a company that is not present on social networks or, even worse, manages them badly. Who would you trust?

For advertising and visibility
Visibility on social networks, in addition to being one of the most effective advertising systems, is one of the fundamental factors for the positioning of your website on search engines. In fact, Google and other search engines, in evaluating websites, in order to rank them, attribute significant importance to the signals coming from social media: a page that gets many comments, likes and shares on Facebook , many retweets on Twitter and further positive feedback from other social networks such as Instagram , YouTube , Pinterest , Snapchat , TikTok and Linkedin will be considered as highly appreciated by users and will get a better ranking.

Company social media managment

Because you have to be present on social networks

To let them know you (Brand Awareness)
To communicate reliability
To communicate the personality of the brand
For affordable marketing
To let them know you (Brand Awareness)
To communicate reliability
To communicate the personality of the brand
For affordable marketing
To let them know you (Brand Awareness)
To communicate reliability
To communicate the personality of the brand
For affordable marketing

Communication strategies for correct social interaction

network social management

Company social media managment

Why entrust the management of your social networks to professionals?

Because they knows the right strategy and how not to make mistakes
Proper management of social nework will bring significant benefits with positive repercussions on all activities of the company or professional. On the contrary, superficial management can instantly damage the image built over years of work . This mistake can affect anyone, from small businesses to big business giants.
Emblematic is the case of Wendy's, a popular US fast food chain that posted on Twitter a ' image they considered funny without realizing that it was linked to anti-Semitic ideology. Or that of the famous Mc Donald's fast food chain who tweeted a incomprehensible and incomplete update complete with *** copy and paste here ***. Even apart from these striking cases you can now understand how the professional management of social pages is a delicate and far from simple task.

Affordable Marketing

Not everyone can afford the colossal marketing campaigns of large companies or celebrities. But, through the strategic management of social pages we will give you the opportunity to see your audience grow and to achieve great goals even with a limited budget.

Affordable Marketing
We communicate your personality

We communicate your personality

A matter of fact: the formal tie-in language doesn't work in the management of social networks. Social media users seek informal interactions. But not everyone knows the most effective languages, tools and engagement techniques. With the right communication strategy we will give a positive and friendly image that your audience will like. Entrust us with the management of your company social profiles!

Choose Uxnovo for the management of company social profiles

Why do companies and artists choose us for the management of their social networks?

Professionalism and experience icon
Professionalism and experience
  • We use our skills and experience to process effective editorial social media plans .
  • Experience, training and constant updating allow us to offer the best consulance for the management of corporate social networks. Our social management will increase the visibility of your brand, allowing you to increase sales and direct bookings, depending on your sector.
Technologies Icon
Technologies Icon Cutting-edge technologies
  • Years of study of the most used social networks led us to us develop and refine positioning techniques unknown to our competitors.
Tailored services icon
Tailored services
  • We create, launch, manage and optimize social media editorial plans Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok designed specifically for you, constantly monitoring their progress and intervening to improve their performance.
Service and support icon
Ongoing assistance and support
  • We study with you the objectives to be achieved, analyzing the reference market to propose the best strategy and the most correct management of your social networks.

Each image placed on a social network for a particular tag give you the opportunity of reaching a huge number of users who are specifically interested in your product or similar products. The amount of people reached varies according to the popularity of the type of product and your ability to position yourself. Of all the social networks, Instagram is the one that offers the most advertising opportunities.

Look at the pictures we have placed
among the 9 most visible pictures of Instagram
divided by popularity and used tag.

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