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Having a website is not enough! You have to make it visible! Your website doesn't sell because it doesn't exist for the internet. Even a beautiful, captivating site, rich in content and products, if unreachable to search engines, is completely useless. But don't despair: the solution to the problem exists! For your site to be successful you need online presence, effective communication, targeted marketing strategies, specific knowledge and innovative ideas.
That's why you should rely on Uxnovo, the best choice as Search Engine Optimization agency!

More than 80% of web users start browsing from search engines . Being in the top positions of Google results will allow you to intercept potential customers, increasing your turnover. We optimize your website and take it to scale the search engines to make you acquire leads and customers.

The ranking on search engines is a long and tiring job, but it leads to great results. Getting your site in a good position in Google search results equates to visibility and monetization.
On the contrary, not being present in the search results means giving a large slice of the market to the competition , which is fiercely trying to gain positions.
Uxnovo knows how to optimize and position your website with legitimate and natural techniques, without resorting to tricks used by many SEO Agency and SEO professionals, which can cause a future and irreversible penalization of the site.

From visibility to sales

Positioning on search engines

SEO Agency

What is SEO and why is it important?

Greater visibility and trust
To produce utility, that is money, instead of just being a liability, a website must be used as a marketing tool: an objective that can only be achieved by making it visible by search engines .
The first strategy to increase your online presence , aimed at monetizing and expanding on the market, is to increase your visibility through positioning on search engines, first among all Google. It is not enough that your website can be found on search engines, you need to aim for the first results! People who search on Google, your potential customers, tend to click more on the sites that appear from the first to the fifth Google result, as they trust the results returned by the search engines, expecially Google. So when your site is in the top positions of Google, it will be perceived by the public as the best, most consistent and highest exponent of the category with respect to the user's search.

How does search engine ranking work?

With Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, we mean the set of all activities and techniques that allow to optimize the ranking of a website on search engines .
But the acronym SEO is also used to indicate the SEO expert, that is, the professional figure who deals with the ranking of websites on search engines.
The SEO expert (SEO specialist or SEO strategist) starting from the analysis of the target audience, the characteristics of the product or service you offer and your competitors, identifies the keywords and outlines the most suitable SEO strategy .
The SEO expert makes, through the planned SEO strategy, the contents of a website visible among the organic (not paid) Google SERP results for certain keywords, or takes care of improving the Google ranking of the site itself, so that these results can be found by users interested in that type of content.

How Google ranking works
Why it is important to appear first

Why is it important to appear first?

Statistics show that the average user who searches on Google does not pass the second page of the search engine results. Therefore it is easy to understand that, to reap benefits in terms of traffic and visibility, you must aim to reach the first places of search engine results. By improving your visibility, potential customers will be able to find you, increasing your turnover, with a significant advantage over your competitors.

How do I get a good ranking for my website?

In the early days of Google, SEO optimization of a website was not a particularly complicated operation, as it was sufficient to repeat the keywords, for which you wanted to position the website , many times within the site. But this search engine optimization algorithm had many shortcomings and often led sites that were not consistent and lacking in quality content to rank in the top positions of Google's results.
This situation has led search engines (in particular Google) to modify the ranking algorithms of websites on search engines by developing new ones increasingly complex.
Nowadays, the obsolete and simple technique of Google ranking through the repetition of keywords is no longer working, but to achieve the same results is necessary to act on several fronts, optimizing structure and content of the website (On-site factors) and performing long, complex external operations to the site, which allow Google to understand what the content is (Off-site factors). And of course, it must be valuable content!

Get a good ranking
Keywords are not needed

So keywords are not needed?

The keywords have not lost their importance, continuing to be the first and fundamental factor on which Google relies for ranking. But Google's ranking factors purely based on keywords have also been updated. There are very competitive keywords with higher search volumes, others less searched, but much more specific that can contribute to the increase of traffic to your site in the long run. To position a site in the top positions of Google you need to proceed with the right strategy and know how to use the tools that allow you to identify the keywords useful for your business, based on those typed when they search your product or service.

Be careful!

A bad SEO or a SEO done with incorrect techniques (in jargon, Black Hat SEO Hacking) as often happens when you rely on poorly prepared SEO agencies and SEO specialists, far from bringing benefits to the website ranking, will lead you to disastrous results, much more negative than the lack of SEO. In the current state of technology, Google is in fact able to recognize a website that is making use of these incorrect techniques, to record the owner's personal data and to permanently remove the website from its index, also for the future and also in case of registrations of new sites by the same person.

Be careful!
Reach the top positions of Google

Is it possible to reach the top positions of Google with certainty?

No, and even a good ranking is often impossible to be performed quickly. Except for very rare cases of keywords with very low traffic, no one can give you certainty or in other way ensure the ranking of a website in the top positions of Google . At least not with legitimate techniques. Therefore, be very wary of anyone who makes sure you reach the top positions on Google or offers you an SEO service quickly or at low cost.
The process of ranking on search engines is long, slow and requires a constant work of analysis, verification and correction of the code, as well as of production of new quality content and off-site working . Therefore it requires an adequate investment in the knowledge and experience of the SEO expert who is performing it. But above all, even Google does not provide precise indications capable of ensuring its full success. What can be ensured is a progressive increase in visibility , correlated to the investments made, through a shrewd, effective and constant use of all known ranking techniques.

And once you have reached the top positions?

Your competitors are also aiming for the top positions on Google. Therefore, once you have managed to position yourself for certain keywords, constant work will be required if you want to maintain the results achieved.

We also used SEO for the ranking of this site. This has allowed us to position ourselves on Google, and it is likely that you have come to us with the search keywords "SEO expert" and "Website search engine optimization". On this same paragraph and in general on the whole site of Uxnovo SEO expert in Turin, a continuous SEO operation is underway aimed at ranking on the search engines of the site of our IT company.

Once you have reached the top positions

Uxnovo uses the SEO technologies

Google Analytics Google Ads Google Tag Manager Google Data

Choose Uxnovo for your ranking on search engines

Why choose us for the ranking of your website on search engines

Professionalism and experience icon
Professionalism and experience
  • Uxnovo SEO specialist in Turin is an expert in SEO consulting and ranking on search engines
  • Our mission is to increase the visibility of your website by getting a good ranking in the search engine results pages, with proper SEO activity.
  • Many claim to be SEO specialists, few really are, very few are qualified and use the correct techniques.
Technologies Icon
Cutting-edge technologies
  • We are able to outline the best SEO strategies using all the professional tools in the sector. We are dedicated to the constant study of the ranking algorithms on search engines, which are continuously updated and modified by Google.
  • We guarantee you the best possible management of your website's SEO operations, bringing you concrete results in terms of visits, interactions and conversions.
Transparency icon
  • Safe from risks. Uxnovo is a qualified and certified SEO expert and uses only organic ranking techniques approved by Google, offering you the best possible ranking on Google and others search engines.
Assistance and support icon
Ongoing assistance and support
  • We don't just deliver you a great website with a good ranking on Google.
  • Uxnovo follows you constantly and provides you with all the assistance and support you need at every stage of the project.
  • From preliminary analysis, to development, and even after being put online.

SEO: how we work

The steps of our SEO services


Preliminary analysis of the website and its structure with a view to search engines optimization
We analyze your website's code, identify and correct errors to promote their ranking on search engines and improve the experience of your users.

Analysis of the current ranking on search engines
We check the current ranking of your website in search engines

Keyword study
We conduct an in-depth study aimed at selecting the most relevant and significant keywords for your target market and search volumes, monitoring their positions on the SERP over time.

Competitor analysis and definition of the most suitable seo strategy
We study the competition and develop the most effective SEO strategy to reach the top positions of search engines.

On-site optimization

Website and content optimization (on-site SEO)
We analyze and optimize the internal factors of the website through: insertion of metatags, optimization of contents (texts, images, videos) and creation of valuable content, in order to facilitate search engine spiders in crawling and indexing the site, improving its ranking.

Responsive implementation
We modify your site in a mobile-friendly responsive key to improve its user experience, allowing it to be displayed correctly on any device and contributing to its ranking.

Off-site optimization

Increase in link popularity
We analyze and optimize factors external to the website by identifying sites and blogs related to the relevant sector and inserting outgoing and incoming links to your website.

Periodic reporting

Performance analysis
We periodically analyze the website with professional tools capable of detecting the state of health and performance from an SEO perspective at any time.

Sending report
We send you regular reports on the work done to show in detail the results achieved, indicating the information relating to the website ranking in the search engines obtained from the ranking for the chosen keywords.

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