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Why is a mobile app so important?

The future is mobile!
Each person uses an average of 3 devices per day for work and non-work activities. The number of users connected from mobile far exceeds that of desktop users and the time spent on apps exceeds that spent on desktop sites by 80%. The users of mobile app worldwide are more than 2.7 billion from smartphones and 1.35 billion from tablets. Each person checks their phone on average once every 12 minutes. 67% of IT professionals are confident that mobile technology will have an even greater impact on their business than the internet.

These data, the result of a global research conducted in 2019 highlight only the tip of the iceberg of what is an unstoppable and overwhelming process. And this fast-growing trend has doubled in just 6 years, from 2013 to 2019.

For these reasons, the mobile app creation is one of the most suitable operations for all businesses that want to expand their market.

But why do people spend so much time on mobile applications?
A mobile app is software developed for mobile operating systems (first of all Android and iOS). The immediacy of availability of mobile devices allows mobile apps to simplify and instantiate otherwise slow or complex operations, such as going to make a money transfer or a purchase. Users thus have at their disposal a software that has multiple functions compared to browser programs.

Have you already thought about a mobile app for your business?

Present yourself on the market in an innovative way
Create the app of your dreams. You bring the idea, we transform it into reality.

How can we help you?

Do you have an idea and would like to create an app?

Not just apps. But high quality experiences.
Trust Uxnovo to start your digitization process. You will see the results and reap the rewards.
We are app programmers , expert mobile app designer and certified app developer. Experts in the development of customized iOS and Android mobile apps for each business, which will fully satisfy your needs and the experience of your users. Intuitive, fast, performing, graphically captivating with a design with attention to detail.

You bring the idea, we turn it into an app.
The creation of a mobile app requires low investments, has low consumption and allows high performance, which makes it one of the greatest opportunities for companies, which can thus attract a growing audience in a simple and effective way. With an app you will expand and enhance your business quickly and economically, reaching a large number of users.
We develop apps for shops, restaurants, hotels, gyms, business software, communication and navigation systems, games for commercial and non-commercial realities.

Mobile app development: how we work

How we develop our mobile app

You choose
Choose the solution that best suits your needs among the packages or ask for a free consultation
We will contact you
Within 48 hours we contact you for get to know us and understand your needs.
We keep in touch for better define details and changes.
Delivery and assistance
We deliver you the finished product, born from the union of yours ideas with our experience, and we assist you when needed.

Business oriented software and for the internal management of the company

Mobile applications advantages

As a business oriented software

  • expand your market
  • reach a growing clientele
  • increase the sales of your products and services
  • satisfy your customers
  • engage and retain your users
  • advertise the brand through the icon on the device and advertising in the app stores
  • simplify the implementation of highly cost-effective marketing systems by encouraging purchases or registrations

As in-house business software

  • you improve the internal organization of your business
  • lower costs and speed up processes by implementing distributed, smartphone-friendly business operations
  • improve and simplify communication between sectors and departments by conveying the flow of quality information
  • facilitate data transfer
  • select staff access based on roles

For both purposes

  • simplify interactions with simpler and faster operations
  • implement targeted and immediate communication by sending instant notifications (push notifications)
  • stay in touch with your users
  • allow users to interact offline
  • improve support

We develop mobile apps for the sectors of

Restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, bars.
Real estate
Real estate agencies, builders, surveyors, architects.
Taxis, public transport, private transport.
Trainers, coaches, professors, personal trainers.
Health centers, medical centers, dentists, doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, health professionals.
Fitness and wellness
Wellness centers, gyms, personal trainers.
Brokers, banks.
Commercial activities of all kinds.
Selection of personnel, human resources.
Realizzazione app mobile

Features we think an app should have

We convert the data obtained from the analysis of the reference market into winning strategies
Multi-platform development
We develop native apps for smarthpone, smarthwatch, tablet, phable in iOS and Android.
Quality and uniqueness
Our high-performance apps with a unique and refined design feature clean and captivating graphics.
UX Design
Through the analysis of the user experience, we decipher user interactions with the app, to understand their wishes and needs.
You can request the code and documentation at any time and be informed about the current status of the project.
Unbeatable value for money. More than 30% less costs than the competition.
Scalability and maintainability
The process of releasing updates and developing a later version of the app will be simpler, faster and cheaper.
Through manual and automatic tests: we try the application to correct every bug we carry out penetration testing.
Advice, maintenance, release of updates and continuous tests aimed at improving the user experience.
We will develop your app between 30% and 40% of the time less than competitors: you will be sure that no one launches your idea before you.
Respectful of regulations
Each app must comply with all current international regulations, such as cookies and privacy.
You can request the code and documentation at any time and be informed about the current status of the project.

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