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We configure and set streaming broadcasts
and social media direct

Uxnovo has prepared a specific service for companies, freelancers and individuals who need a solution to manage and broadcast live broadcasts on social channels or on a proprietary platform, also studying solutions for companies with a limited budget.

social media lives are essential for broadcasting corporate events or meetings and thus allowing those who cannot physically be present to participate through the possibility of live commenting.

The live video broadcast will then be made available on the chosen social channel so that it can also be watched later.

Uxnovo checks and makes sure that the internet connection bandwidth, the technical quality of the footage, the clarity of the audio are suitable for producing quality content so that the user who will view the live broadcast can grasp all the moments of the event.

Meetings and corporate events live streaming

Live streaming services

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Streaming broadcast on social networks

We manage the live broadcast of the event or webinar on various social channels simultaneously, Facebook, Youtube, Vine, Periscope, Livestream or proprietary customer platforms.
we coordinate the interaction with the public and the subsequent publication of the recorded video.

Broadcasting of corporate meetings on private channels

We manage the transmission of corporate meetings on private channels that are not accessible except by invitation.
We take care of every phase, from sending invitations to participants, to direct, to interacting with remote participants.

Broadcasting of corporate meetings
Staff training

Remote staff training

We set up classrooms to train staff remotely through proprietary channels accessible only by registered users.
We then publish the recorded lessons and manage the integration with downloadable clipboard files.

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