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IT training courses

Uxnovo offers different corporate IT training courses to ensure, to small and medium-sized enterprises, but also to individuals, the improvement of efficiency and productivity by learning to use the most useful and most up-to-date software.

Updating and increasing one's skills is of fundamental importance, especially in the ever-changing world of ICT where new technologies are developed day by day.

Our courses are extremely personalized according to the needs and previous training level. We create a personalized and targeted training course.

The course calendar is customizable and agreed with the customer. The courses are aimed at individual participants or small groups and are held at the customer's company headquarters, the home of private customers or in a location agreed in concert.

The teaching of our corporate IT training courses is practical and the exercises will be based on the practical working context of the participants so that they can immediately apply the knowledge acquired in the daily working reality.

Group and individual IT training courses

Our basic courses

IT basic course
Basic course know more
Wordpress basic course
Basic course know more
Graphics basic course
Graphic design
Basic course know more
Office suite
Basic course know more
Microsoft SQL Server basic course
Microsoft SQL Server
basic course know more
SAP basic course
SAP Business
basic course know more
Website development basic course
Website development
basic course know more
Software development basic course
Software development
basic course know more

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