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Videomaking and aerial footage

Uxnovo, photographic and videomaking studio, deals with audiovisual projects, from concept to final production, following every phase of the realization process.

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Videomaking e riprese video aeree

We listen your idea and we develop it for you, focusing the necessary visual solutions up to the script. We organize the production by shooting with the most appropriate means for the product.
We take care of post-production, editing, motion graphics, multistandard finalization.
We are specialized in aerial video shooting with drone.

Videomaking services by Uxnovo:

  • aerial video footage with drone
  • video for web advertising (Google, Facebook, Youtube)
  • TV and web spot production
  • corporate video production
  • wedding films production
  • production of music videos

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Why choose Uxnovo graphic studio

The Uxnovo photographic studio offers a wide variety of services and products.
Are you thinking of a project that can be done with a camera or a video camera?
We are the right company to entrust for its realization. The Uxnovo photographic studio follows all the design, development and production phases of your project taking into account your every need, request and personal taste, and advising you for the best. You will receive the product you wanted, personalized and made to measure.

Uxnovo graphic studio

Aerial video with drone

Show your location, company or business from a surprising perspective, taking advantage of all the functions and potential of our drones for aerial video shooting.

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