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Professionals in providing app and websites for the business of companies and freelancers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social networks managing, digital marketing, IT assistance and consulting.

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About us

Web Agency

Web Agency in Turin, Italy

Uxnovo, web agency and IT company working all over the world, manages all IT aspects from websites, to marketing and digital image of companies, freelancers and public figures. Our strengths: professionalism, results and price competitiveness.

Knowledge, experience, results

Uxnovo is a web agency specializing in the creation of websites, cutting-edge web projects, e-commerce sites, online management, mobile applications, web apps, website restyling, web marketing specialist and SEO specialist. With hundreds of certifications (which you can request to consult if you are already a customer) in Information Technology, search engine positioning, IT assistance and design, we are the best suited to launch your business.

Knowledge, experience, results

Innovation, research and updating

Innovation, research and updating

Uxnovo, an innovative, flexible and constantly evolving web agency, is driven by a boundless passion for the web and new technologies. In a world where time passes faster and faster, Uxnovo firmly believes in research and in the need for a constant and growing expansion of knowledge through continuous updating.

Web Marketing & Communication Agency

Uxnovo is the web agency that assists you and helps you to optimize and enhance the resources at your disposal, bringing you concrete and measurable results. The competence of our IT company allows us to meet the demands of each customer for the development of any project. We offer targeted services and advanced solutions by developing tailor-made strategies for each client, large and small. Uxnovo boasts a great experience in the professional management of social media and a constant update on the most innovative communication techniques. Among our strengths stand out online marketing and advertising.

Web Marketing & Communication Agency
Professionalism and transparency

Professionalism and transparency first of all

We firmly believe in the values ​​of transparency and trust. For this reason, immediately and with the utmost sincerity, we make the customer aware of the path necessary to achieve the objectives he has set himself and of what interventions and investments are necessary. This approach has allowed us to remain in excellent relationships with all our customers and to consolidate ourselves on the market.

Standard and customized packages

To please everyone and offer the customer the best possible service, Uxnovo has designed and created some complete packages, which include the essential tools to optimize and enhance your company, your products and your services on the web. The complete packages are offered at a highly discounted price, but always customized and developed on the specific needs of the individual customer.

Standard and customized packages
the importance of analysis

We know how to listen and understand: the importance of analysis

Our business model starts from a preventive analysis of the customer's situation aimed at formulating a personalized path, through which we show you the essential steps to take in order to achieve real and tangible results.

Tailor-made services and quotes, suitable for each customer

We firmly believe in direct contact with the customer, certain that only by listening to you and understanding your needs and your vision will it be possible to offer you a tailor-made product at the right price, guiding you in your choice, fully satisfying your expectations. We offer our services to companies near and far, all over the world.

Uxnovo Web Agency
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Why choose Uxnovo

To increase visibility and sales
Presence on the web and effective communication are now fundamental factors for every type of business, from large companies to the smallest artisan businesses. You have to make yourself known but also to be recognized, bringing your message and showing your product to an ever-increasing number of people to increase visits, contacts and above all sales.
Our training and our experience allow us to provide you with everything the support you need to launch, push or strengthen your brand, promote your company, your products, your services, managing every stage of your work in the best possible way.
Trust our Web Agency and reach your goals, knowing that you can count on a professional, reliable and present partner.

To save without sacrificing quality
Our business model, in which each project is entrusted to those who have the greatest sectoral skills, allows us to reduce the high management costs of a traditional web agency, offering you a higher quality service at much cheaper rates.
Among the many systems, technologies and strategies that can be used, Uxnovo will be able to guide your choice in the best possible way with the minimum cost. Just choose the service and tell us your idea: the results will not be long in coming.

Uxnovo Web Agency


How we can help you

Websites & Applications

Web sites & Apps

Solutions of all kinds for companies, activities, free professionals and artists

Web sites E-commerce Web app Mobile app

Seo & Ads

Seo & Ads

Make yourself known on the web through positioning on search engines and targeted advertising.

SEO Online advertising (Ads) Social media management Other online advertising

Graphic & Digital Design

Graphic & Digital Design

Rely on professionals to build your image.

Graphic studio Videomaking Virtual tour

Consulting & Security

Consulting & Security

Corporate IT consultancy and creation of corporate networks.

Consulting IT security IT Training Smart working Live streaming

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