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Cyber ​​security is a critical issue and a constantly changing reality. Cyber ​​attacks, intrusions into corporate networks and malware are constantly increasing and evolving. These growing threats combined with complex existing technologies make cyber security expert consultants increasingly indispensable and required. Very often in this climate companies feel confused and unprotected.
Uxnovo is your point of reference for IT security consulting .

Uxnovo protects your systems with firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, antikeylogger and antirootkit and all the latest generation security systems according to your needs.

We also organize anti-phishing training courses for staff, in order to promote the culture of cybersecurity within the company and to enable employees to recognize current cyber threats and any ongoing attacks. .

Our IT security services from A to Z

Our IT security consulting services

IT Security

IT Security, compliance and intellectual property protection

Uxnovo web agency is specialized in IT and compliance consultancy (regulatory compliance), is updated on the latest news in the field of prevention from the dangers that can derive from cyber attacks and on the latest regulations.
We guarantee companies the correctness and reliability of procedures, processes and systems for data protection. We deal with the protection of intellectual property and company know-how.

Cyber ingelligence

We protect systems from even the most sophisticated cyber threats. Both from the external and internal ones. We detect attacks and intrusions in real time, giving you total network visibility . And we handle compromises as they emerge.

Cyber ingelligence
Cyber Security awareness

Cyber Security awareness

One of the systems used by cyber criminals for data theft is phishing , a type of aggression that uses the human factor as its breach and email as its main vehicle. We instill awareness of these attacks in company personnel, to sensitize them and we develop adequate detection and defense systems, also through reporting systems , significantly reducing the number of threats.

Perimeter security

  • We monitor network traffic with ISP systems (intrusion prevention system) to prevent attacks on web applications, with ISD systems (intrusion detection system) to avoid the propagation of viruses and worms, with sandboxing, UTM and url filtering services to have a secure and controlled network.
  • We protect your email with anti-spam solutions and email filtering systems, in order to block spam at 100% and reduce the risk of regular emails mistaken for spam close to zero.
  • We protect devices, servers, mail and corporate gateway against viruses, malware, trojans, worms, spyware, botnets through the most appropriate antivirus.

Perimeter security
Network access control

Network access control

We guarantee the security of corporate networks and data through a NAC (Network Access Control), which connects access to the network by endpoints, evaluating their compliance and automatically applying any necessary remedies, preventing the risk of access by devices without anti-virus software or with software dangerous for business applications, and allowing network administrators to define access by applying policies based on profiling.

Data Loss Prevention

We use DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions to associate tools and processes that identify, monitor and protect confidential data that cross the network and is stored on servers or storage, in compliance with regulations, policies and company security.

Data Loss Prevention

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