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Business IT consulting
and network design

We provide IT consulting services for every need.
We offer telematic assistance through videoconferencing programs, remote assistance, screen sharing and instant messaging. We operate in all the world and we can speak in Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Chinese, Filipino and Thai.

Do you need an IT consultant to help you solve problems in a short time? We identify for you solutions that present the best possible balance between performance, reliability and cost .

Uxnovo, the reference point for your company's ICT/IT consultancy and for the creation of corporate and net-working networks.

360 ° consulting for SMEs and large companies

IT consulting services

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Business IT consultancy

We support companies in choosing the best IT infrastructures, with particular attention to purchase and management costs. We help you choose the right hardware and software technologies for a solid, reliable and flexible IT infrastructure. From the design of IT infrastructures to scalable application systems. From file sharing to cloud services. From firewall systems to navigation monitoring . From sharing printers to sharing media.

Management consulting

We provide personal business IT consultancy services for new management software , helping companies to optimize management times and costs.

Uxnovo Web Agency
Corporate IT management

Corporate IT Management

We can manage your corporate information system. In this way you will have more time to focus on your business and lower risks of critical events, which, should they occur, will be managed properly and resolved in the best way. We monitor, collect, log and process requests. We optimize your efficiency with our services and datacenters. We guarantee the security and performance of your IT infrastructures .

Cloud Solutions

The spread of cloud services allows companies to lighten their internal infrastructure with reduction of maintenance and management costs . We check the services that can be transferred to the cloud according to: cost/benefit ratio, reliability, security, any problems in the migration to the cloud.

Cloud solutions
Remote backup

Remote backup

All it takes is a failure, theft or loss of a device to put the integrity and availability of data at risk. The solution to prevent information loss? The remote backup of servers, in the company and in an external datacenter . We also prepare backups through the use of cloud technologies.


We provide professional email and hosting solutions for small and medium-sized businesses . We pay particular attention to server response times, the percentage of up-time and we provide fast assistance and constant support to allow you to work with peace of mind.
The guaranteed fault tolerance level uptime from our hosting systems is 99.99% of the time



We study corporate network infrastructure solutions suited to customer needs depending on the size of the company, the geographical distribution, the devices used to connect to the network and the number of users connected.


We recommend the type of connectivity that best suits your company based on parameters such as location(s), number of users, network services. We allow you to save by advising you if there is no need for a business line, a domestic one being sufficient.


Unified communication

Unified communication

We innovate business communication through smart interaction, which connects different devices and applications in a single tool, speeding up working times and optimizing management costs, simplifying and improving the relationship with colleagues and customers, increasing production.

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