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Professionalism and experience make Uxnovo the ideal partner to commission your company's web, graphics and advertising.
We develop fast and attractive websites and mobile apps, unique and memorable company graphics, winning strategic plans for your marketing and your positioning on search engines.
Through a personalized approach we provide solutions that satisfy the needs of each customer.

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Uxnovo Web Agency

It's midday and Daniel, who started his new job today, is on his lunch break. Hunger begins to make itself felt. He takes out his smartphone, opens the browser and types West Los Angeles fast food on Google, anxious to find the solution to his appetite problem as soon as possible.

The first result is Trip Advisor, but having no time to read and compare descriptions and reviews, he leaves the page. By clicking on the second result he lands on the page of a renowned Ttalian restaurant on Westwood Boulevard, whose website shows a photo of the building from the outside followed by the history of the place. But Daniel is hungry, and a photo of a building and a celebratory text fail to catch his attention.

Uxnovo Web Agency
Uxnovo Web Agency

Discouraged but even hungrier, Daniel goes back to Google and clicks on the third result: a restaurant on a terrace. This time, beautiful photos of local Californian dishes are showed to him. Increasingly interested, he interacts with the site, learning that food can be pre-ordered via the web and that the restaurant is located 5 minutes from him. Suddenly a 15% discount appears. Now Daniel is really decided and places the order.

Mia, a Daniel's colleague, vegetarian and celiac, who usually eats in the restaurant that appears in the second Google result, today has decided to have lunch with him. Fortunately, the website of the restaurant on the terrace is well designed, and this made Daniel immediately notice the presence of options for vegans and celiacs. So even Mia can proceed with the purchase of her lunch.

Uxnovo Web Agency
Uxnovo Web Agency

What happened?
The terrace restaurant has gained two customers, while the other restaurant has lost a regular customer and a potential customer.

This scenario is repeated for every minute, every hour, every day for all the potential customers of the two competitors.
If you don't know how to intercept potential customers, they will turn to the competition.
Choosing whether to play the role of the first restaurant that loses everything or the terrace restaurant that exponentially increases its earnings is entirely up to you.

Uxnovo Web Agency
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Giuseppe Orlando Veterinary Logo
Services: web site System Engine Optimization Graphic Design

Uxnovo case study...

Giuseppe Orlando is a freelance veterinary surgeon who has been working at his town clinic for over 20 years. Its business has continued to this day thanks to loyal customers and word of mouth.

Dr. Orlando was hesitant about creating a website for his business as any form of commercial advertising. He also feared an excessive increase in calls for free telephone consultations.

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